Granite is a magmatic rock which contains a number of minerals, the best known of which is quartz.

This is a very hard, resistant stone which is impermeable and long lasting due to its compact nature.

Following the polishing process, the surface of granite can become very bright and reflective. This makes it suitable for decor and design uses.

White Granites

Bianco Cristal 

Bethel White 

Imperial White 

Viscount White 

Blue Granites

Azul Macaubas

Azul Bahia

Labrador Blue Pearl

Vizag Blue

Yellow Granites

Giallo Antico

Giallo Santa Cecilia

Giallo Veneziano

Giallo Veneziano Fiorito

Madura Gold


Grey Granites

Blue Eyes


Labrador TV

Labradorite Bianca


Orissa Blu

Padang Hell

Paradiso Classico

Serizzo Antigorio

Serizzo Monterosa

Silver Cloud

Brown Granites

Antique Brown

Baltic Brown

Caffè Bahia

Caffè Imperiale

Imperial Brown

Paradiso Bash

Rosa Sardo

Swedish Mahogany


Black Granites

American Black

Angola Black

Artic Blu

Black Cosmic

Everest Black

Labrador Emerald Pearl


Nero Africa Impala

Nero Assoluto Zimbabwe

Nero Marinace

Star Galaxy

Volga Blu

Pink Granites

Juparanà Colombo

Juparanà India

Raw Silk

Rosa Beta

Rosa Porrino

Tiger Skin 

Red Granites

Carmen Red

New Imperial Red

Red Bohus

Rosso Balmoral

Rosso Capao Bonito

Rosso Marinace

Rosso Multicolor

Green Granites

Baltic Green

Olive Green

Verde Bahia

Verde Eucalipto

Verde Fontaine

Verde Marina

Verde Marinace

Wild West Green