Quartzforms: the evolution of stone into a perfect surface

Quartzforms stone goes one step further than natural stone. Our product is the result of the most cutting-edge technological development of the exclusive Bretonstone® process. Its unrivalled versatility, resistance, aesthetic performance, hygienic quality and easy maintenance have won the trust of architects and designers worldwide. All colours of Quartzforms are available with two different trextures (Polished and Brush) and dimensions of slabs are 305×140.

Light Grey and White

Quartzforms MA Grey 101

Quartzforms MA White 102

Quartzforms Pebble Light Grey 125

Quartzforms QF White 505

Quartzforms QF Light Grey 510

Quartzforms QF Ash Grey 535

Quartzforms Brazilian Canadian White 205

Quartzforms Add Top Crystal White 700

Quartzforms Twinkle White 345

Quartzforms Cloudy White 615

Quartzforms Cloudy Portland Grey 630

Quartzforms Breeze Blanc 805

Quartzforms Extreme Iceberg White 300

Quartzforms Breeze Pearl 815

Quartzforms Breeze Black Pearl 820

Quartzforms Veined Michelangelo 920

Quartzforms Imperial White 955

Quartzforms Absolute White 400

Quartzforms Absolute Light Grey 405

Quartzforms Spacco White 450

Quartzforms Spacco Bianco 599

Quartzforms Spacco Light Grey 455

Quartzforms Spacco Portland Grey 475

Cream and Beige

Quartzforms MA Beige 100

Quartzforms Pebble Cappuccino 115

Quartzforms QF Beige 500

Quartzforms QF Light Beige 520

Quartzforms Cloudy Beige 620

Quartzforms Breeze Sand 810

Quartzforms Veined Cream 910

Quartzforms Spacco Beige 598

Dark Grey and Black

Quartzforms Pebble Black 105

Quartzforms Pebble Dark Grey 120

Quartzforms QF Dark Grey 515

Quartzforms QF Black 525

Quartzforms Add Top Crystal Black 705

Quartzforms Twinkle Black 340

Quartzforms Cloudy Black 600

Quartzforms Cloudy Black and More 625

Quartzforms Cloudy Belgian Blue 635

Quartzforms Extreme Night Black 305

Quartzforms Veined Africa 900

Quartzforms Spacco Black 465


Quartzforms Pebble Brown 110

Quartzforms QF Brown 530

Quartzforms Brazilian Indian Brown 200

Quartzforms Cloudy Brown 605

Quartzforms Cloudy Desert 610

Quartzforms Breeze Ashen Light 800

Quartzforms Extreme Titan 310

Quartzforms Veined Baroque 905

Quartzforms Veined Deco 915

Quartzforms Imperial Brown 950

Quartzforms Spacco Brown 470


Quartzforms Add Top Crystal Red 710