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Active Surfaces ceramic surfaces for floors and walls offer unique features to improve the well-being and safety of spaces and those who live in them, combining them with the highest aesthetic and technical values.
Protected by two European patents, Active ceramics are the only ones in the world to have photocatalytic, anti-pollution and antibacterial action proven by ISO certifications.

The functions of Active Surfaces
Anti-pollution action: by simply using the light and humidity in rooms, Active surfaces permanently and continuously eliminate polluting molecules from the air, including the most toxic and dangerous ones.
Antibacterial and antiviral, in addition to 99% effective, against Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2: Active Surfaces destroys the bacteria and viruses that come into contact with the surface thanks to the oxidation process induced by photocatalysis, activated by light.
Active Surfaces were the subject of a major study by the Department of Biomedical, Surgical and Dental Sciences, and Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health at the University of Milan, to verify their antiviral properties against the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus (responsible for Covid-19).
The resulting data confirmed the astonishing ability of Active Surfaces to eliminate 94% of SARS-CoV-2 after only 4 hours of exposure to low intensity UV light (natural daylight and traditional light bulbs even at low intensity).
Anti-odor action, removal of bad odors: odor-causing molecules that come into contact with Active surfaces are degraded and destroyed, thus eliminating bad odors.
The highly effective anti-odor action is fueled by light (photocatalysis), as well as LED lights.
Self-cleaning action: thanks to the photocatalytic properties of Active surfaces, dirt adheres less to the surface, making it easier to remove.

The Active Surfaces range brings together designs which combine superb technical performance with aesthetic style.
Suitable for both large-scale projects – indoors and outdoors – as well as for the contract and interior design sectors, Active surfaces are perfect for various types of projects: cladding external bonded or ventilated facades, interior wall and floor tiling, and even to create home furnishings such as kitchen counters and islands, washbasins and bathroom furnishings, tables and countertops, sliding doors, movable partitions, cabinets and seating.