Kitchen monobloc effect made of granite Black Fusion with sink mitre glued and cantilever peninsula made of Idylium Aes Corten.
Bluetooth kitchen scale integrated into the countertop and designed specifically for your health: it can be connected to an APP with a mobile phone to measure the weight and at the same time provide the nutritional data of the food.
Wireless charger applied below the countertop: you can and quickly charge the batteries of tablets and smartphones without the use of power cables, simply place the device on the wi-fi symbol!
Invisible induction cooking top installed under the top: it is not just faster than both traditional gas stove or electric cooker, but it is also one of the safest possible cooker to have at your home.
Remains slightly lukewarm to the touch, you will feel more confident and assured moving around your kitchen with a reduced risk for heat-related burns. Thus, its invisibility remains a primary strength and not a cause for concern.
Concealed electric tower equipped with power socket, USB connection and granite cover.
Ideal for kitchens, its retractable system makes it perfect for any place where you need a connection system and when closed it is completely flat and therefore does not occupy any space.